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Doing more with Bookbug

On this page you'll find links to various resources which enable you to create communication and learning opportunities around the fantastic Bookbug Picture Books.

Since 2009 we've been working in partnership with Scottish BookTrust, creating symbolised resources for each of the short-listed books in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize. Over the years, we've built up quite the library of resources!

As a time-saver we've put all the digital symbolised resources in the same place on this page. Remember, you can browse the Bookbug Picture Book Prize archive if you want to search for resources for a particular book and to download the print-based symbol boards.

Download Interactive Bookbug Resources

We've bundled all of the Bookbug Clicker, SoundingBoard and Grid 3 resources and Grid 3 Grid Sets into folders. Simply click on the download links below to access the 'Clicker' Sentence & Connect sets, the 'Grid 3' Grid Sets and the 'SoundingBoard' files.

Happy Birthday Bookbug!

In 2020 Bookbug celebrated its 10th birthday. To celebrate we put together a Bookbug Birthday Pack for families to use at home. You can read all about it on the CALL Scotland Blog and download all the resources.

BookBug Author Videos & PowerPoint

If you are supporting learners who are using switches or touch screens you can use these interactive PowerPoints which link to videos of the Bookbug authors reading their stories aloud. They can be a useful tool for scaffolding Choice Making skills for learners who are moving beyond 'Cause and Effect' skills. You can read all about how to create your own on the CALL Scotland Blog, and watch this step by step tutorial video:

Or you can download the ready made PowerPoints:


Bookbug Teacher Activities

All the Teacher Activity Vocabulary sheets and Symbol boards from previous years (2015 to present).