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Printable PDFs of symbolised curricular resources for
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What is Symbols for All?

Created and maintained by CALL Scotland, Symbols for All provides teaching resources in an accessible format for learners with additional support needs. The resources are designed to support the introduction of picture symbols and their use in everyday school activities by providing a core 'starter' set.

There are symbols for the environment and the learner, which can be used as a whole school resource and for individual pupils.

What are the curricular resources?

They are printable PDFs created with Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) and Widgit symbols, organised around Scotland's 'Curriculum for Excellence' (CfE).

Whilst the resources have been categorised into curricular areas, developing participation and communication is a theme which underpins them all. The resources are in a variety of formats such as step-by-step instructions, core vocabulary communication boards and visual supports, plus many more.

What are the Bookbug resources?

They are printable PDFs created with SymbolStix Symbols to accompany the Bookbug P1 Family bag and Explorer bag, gifted to every child in Scotland by Scottish Book Trust.

The resources encourage participation in Shared Reading at all levels and come in a variety of formats.

Symbolised curricular resources

Printable PDFs created with PCS symbols.

Symbolised Bookbug resources

Printable PDFs created with SymbolStix symbols.

The resources!